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Embark on a meaningful and transformative exploration of your spiritual path with the guidance of a skilled spiritual director. Book your first session today and take a step towards deepening your connection with the divine and uncovering the wisdom within.  (Certified member of Spiritual Directors International).  

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River of Hope Enterprises

It is my great pleasure to support your ministry and personal growth needs with a variety of services. Please explore the site for information and feel free to contact me with questions. Above you will find links to the different services provided.

Ministry services

- celebrations and ceremonies including weddings, baby dedications, celebrations of life and renewal of vows to name a few

Personal support

- spiritual direction, coaching and spiritual groups


- Individual and group instruction

You may also find out more about me and my interests by visiting the "About" page, my blog, Beyond Spilt Milk or my Facebook page; River of Hope Enterprises.

I look forward to meeting you and discussing your needs.

Rev. Peggy Guiler 

An ordained minister with the Canadian Internation Metaphysical Ministry and licenced officiant in the Province of Ontario


David's Story

"Peggy found me living in squalor. An apartment littered with empty Pepsi bottles and chocolate milk cartons, which was my main diet. I was living with the grief of losing the love of my life.

Peggy didn`t see me as a broken man. She saw the person that I could journey back to. She helped me see that I could get better, 15 minutes at a time. She gave me an egg timer and explained that miracles can happen if I would just try to live 15 minutes once a day. It wasn`t easy, but her faith in me gave me the courage to try and pull myself out of my despair.

I succeeded, but we lost touch.

A few years later I decided to become a Peer Support Worker so that I might in some small way, pay forward the blessing that had been given to me. To my great surprise, it was Peggy that was the teacher of the course. I like to think that I was a star pupil. I didn`t take the course so that I could find a job. I just wanted to be a better person and help people in a more effective way. Like Peggy had done for me.

Peggy sent me on missions. Helping a prisoner find his way, or helping a man retain his housing in the shelter system. She trusted me.

It has been a 20-year journey for me. I now have a job at a local hospital. It`s not glamorous, but I am the site supervisor, and my boss respects me.

I know that I wouldn`t be where I am, or even still alive if God had not sent Peggy into my life."

David Carlisle


T's Story

" ...I second-guessed myself about opening up to another stranger about my troublesome life. Yes, I do have good times and great times but it is those times when life takes you right off your feet and have that hopeless feeling of never getting back up ever again. So I thought why not give Peggy a try and it was the best thing I ever did.

She is a wonderful lady and friend who doesn't ever give up and tell you, you're hopeless. She is so patient and never makes you feel like she is in charge. She always walks beside you and walks at your pace not pulling you along.

...she was able to help me find at least one positive thing among all the negative. Gradually there are more positives than negatives in my days and the sun seems just a bit brighter each day...

... thankfully I am back to who I know I really am not that stranger stuck in the dark hole afraid to do or trust anyone.

I could completely trust and confide in Peggy.

...she talks with you not at you it is like sitting down with a friend for coffee ... Thanks once again for helping me find my life again....T

River of Hope Enterprises would like to acknowledge that our work is done on the lands of the Mississauga, Mississauga’s of the Credit First Nation, Attiwonderonk or Neutral, Annishinabewaki and Ho-De-no-sau-nee-ga people.  We wish to acknowledge them as Traditional Owners of the land where we are so privileged to live and work.  

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