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One Group Now in Session 

Dates to be announced

The Next Group will begin early in  2024

If you are interested please send an email

and we will put you on the waitlist.  



An Experience in Spiritual Growth

My deep motivation and desire is to support others, like me, who are journeying on a non-traditional path toward a deep spiritual connection with the Divine. To that end, I have created an eight-week experience which can be joined in person in my living room, in a Zoom group or individually in person or on Zoom.

My gift is holding space for people while they grow, offering support, tools, and faith for their very unique journey. While there will be short “teaching” sections in this experience the focus will be on your personal spiritual journey. I will facilitate the group time so that we can all share and grow through sharing our personal experiences and practices.

For those not wishing to join the group experience an option for a one-on-one session will be offered soon.

The people who will gain the most from this experience are “seekers”. They are people who are searching for a true, dynamic relationship and experience with the “Great Mystery” and who are willing to explore beyond the bonds of the traditional religious establishment. They will be people who are open to different ideas of faith and who are willing to listen with respect to the experiences of others.

While my own experience comes through the Christian tradition those in the program will not feel any limitation of doctrine or faith.

No one will come to the group with an agenda to change minds or “convert” but rather will have the determination to foster their own spiritual experience. It will be a “holy” time of mutual support and deep listening.

I trust the Great Mystery will attract people to this group who are suited to one another’s needs and that the experience will help each person expand their faith.

At the end of the eight-week adventure, there will be an option to continue on a monthly basis in a group or with individual spiritual support from me.


Individuals wanting the same content and support privately will be able to avail of the beta price of $450.

If the prices below are out of reach for you please get in touch with me and we can negotiate something that suits us both.  Email or Phone

Spiritual Direction 

It is best to offer spiritual direction/accompaniment at least three times to those who are beginning.  This allows time to get to know one another and determine the best path forward.  

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