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River of Hope Spiritual Centre

Personal Support/Growth

As a metaphysical minister, spiritual director and coach I am able to offer a variety of individual and group support and growth opportunities.  

Spiritual direction or spiritual accompaniment

In this age of science and the secular, we have come close to losing that part of us that seeks beyond the world for answers and strength. The seeking of our souls in relation to our concept of the Divine takes many forms and is accomplished through spiritual practice and personal pursuits. Having someone who can support your search for the answers which go beyond the tangible may be of value to you in your journey toward a full life.

A certified Spiritual Director, and graduate of "Ontario Jubilee", 

I look forward to supporting seekers in a variety of ways:

  • Private Spiritual Direction

  • Group Spiritual Direction

  • Journey Groups

  • Silent Retreats

  • Spiritual Exploration Seminars/Retreats

  • Journaling Courses

  • Other Opportunities


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