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Four-Week Journaling Course


Journaling for Personal Growth - A Place to Begin


  •  Special Price $100 until February 2
  • Regular Price $250
  • Course begins Wednesday, February 8, 2024
  • 8:00 - 9:00 pm on Zoom

1 hour per week in class

@ 1 hour of homework per week (daily journaling exercises)    

Manual available from the Author or on Amazon.


If you would like to add journaling to your journey or if you want to improve your journaling habit, this four-week course offers tools and insights for your journaling adventure.  



The Book 

Journaling for Personal Growth

- A Place to Begin 

This book is written as a companion to the Journaling Course but may be used by individuals who would like to learn more about journaling.  

It is available through Amazon, select bookstores or from the author. 

 Email us for information.  

An Introduction to Journaling 

30 minute Video 

This video will provide you with an introduction to journaling.  If you want to learn more by taking the course the price of the video will be deducted from the course price. 

More info about the video. 

What People are Saying About 

" Journaling for Personal Growth-A Place to Begin"

Hope Koppelman

Hope is the Author of the New York Times Best seller, The Gifts of Writing and recently co-presented a Writing workshop based on her book with author and “The Secret” headliner, Mike Dooley. Hope lives in the USA.  

"Journaling for Personal Growth: A Place to Begin is a beautiful invitation into the writing practice. The ideas and prompts and exercises offer us an easy way into the world of our innermost thoughts and emotions. This book reminds us that journaling can be fun, as well as deeply transformational, 'a sacred place for healing the soul' as Peggy eloquently puts it." 

Tammy Little

A "light and energy worker" and friend, Tammy took the first course.  She works from her home near Barrie Ontario.  

Amazing book and course for anyone interested in journaling!

I had always journaled - or thought I was when writing down my life situations, thoughts and emotions. It wasn’t until I took Peggy’s course on journaling that I truly understood and appreciated the art of journaling! Peggy’s passion and experience exudes when sharing her knowledge. This book/course will help anyone understand the importance of journaling, the great historical journals, how to choose the perfect book and writing materials and how to get started using prompts!

I so appreciate this concise guide to journaling. I now have 3 different journals that I use regularly!

Thank you Peggy for you dedicated work in sharing!

Happy Writings to All

Heather Domke

An artist and long time friend, Heather Domke’s “Art Journals” are featured in the course and talked about in the book. She works from her studio, Hidden Creek Gardens near Delhi, Ontario, Canada.

 "I really love the way Peggy introduces us to this Journaling book/course. She gives great advice, causing me to think about why I want to take up journaling and what I hope it will do for me.  The suggestions and prompts will make it easier for me to get started and stay the course. My experience taking the course in a group was inspirational.” Heather Domke

Special Discounts are offered to those who have participated in the course previously to those who have purchased the Introduction to Journaling video and to other insiders.

If you qualify for any of these discounts 

send an email to River of Hope Enterprises 

and ask for the Password.  

To be added to the email list for upcoming courses please contact us with this form. 

Put: "add me to the journaling course waitlist"

in the message.

As soon as the course becomes available we will contact you.  

In the meantime visit the Journaling Workshop page for more information.


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