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Latest News

Our regular newsletter will keep you up to date on the courses and other news from River of Hope Enterprises.  In the newsletter there is a subscribers only gift of a journaling prompt.  Sign up for news here


An Intentional Devotional

This group began as a daily gathering during those lonely days when COViD first shut down the world.  

Every week day a group of friends gathered for some talk, some devotional time and some prayer.  It got us through some dark days.  

It may begin again in a new version of itself.  

If it is something of interst please contact us.  


Within a short travelling distance there are many opportunities to explore different spiritual ideas, practices and events.  Such events will be posted on the calendar.  Join our newsletter mailing list on the home page to be notified.  If you hear of something that may be of interest to the group please let me know about it.  


Courses are offered several times per year.  You can choose from An Experience in Spiritual Growth or Journaling for Personal Growth - A Placee to Begin.  There are also other short video courses offered.  Visit the home page and follow links for more information.  

Group Study

See the new exciting Experience in Spiritual Growth.  An eight-week series (over four months) of learning and growing together in a small group setting.  In-person, private and online versions will be available.  

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